Corporate Social Responsibility

Through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, the Company is determined to make a real and positive contribution to the surrounding community, especially in the operational area of the Company in Indonesia. The CSR is done by harmonizing the corporate image and corporate business sustainably.

The main focus of the Company's CSR program is to empower the surrounding community and harmonize a good and harmonious life with the local community near the business area. Therefore the Company is committed to strengthening the CSR strategy through 3 pillars of activity:

  1. Autonomy of Economy
  2. Education and Culture
  3. Community Empowerment

Rajanya COD

Lombok Earthquake

Rajanya COD

Ramadhan 1440H

Rajanya COD

Eid Al-Adha 1440H

buka puasa bersama dan santunan anak yatim panti asuhan assyafiiyah

Ramadhan 1441H

aid for the victims of the mount semeru natural disaster

Mount Semeru Natural Disaster

csr kerjasama sap express dengan rsau vaksin booster

Booster Vaccine with RSAU