The future of Indonesia's E-commerce industry has a very high growth potential. We Are Social reports, from the total population of Indonesia, about 41% of them are actively shopping online with transaction value reaching US $ 130 billion in 2017. Increased by 5.7 times from the previous year.

This rapid increase greatly affected the shipping service industry, whose shipments grew by an average of 40% per year. E-commerce with shipping services is two businesses that cannot be separated and are mutually sustainable.

The Role of SAP Express for e-Commerce
The shipping service industry is the spearhead of the E-commerce ecosystem. SAP Express stand to strenghten the E-commerce industry in Indonesia. Since it was established in 2014, SAP Express has grown rapidly, with pickup services available in 550 districts / municipalities throughout Indonesia as the real proof of SAP Express's commitment to support the growth of this industry.

SAP Express operates 24 hours and 7 days a week, including delivery services that have reached remote villages in the archipelago. Another solution offered by SAP Express is a cash on delivery service that makes it easy for sellers and buyers to do the online transactions and can reach out the areas that are unfamiliar with online transactions.

The smooth delivery of goods is the issue that cannot be underestimated by the e-Commerce industry. In running its business, the Company has implemented Android-based technology for couriers in its operations. With the system developed by IT experts at SAP Express, all real-time shipments can be monitored, including the recipient's photo report, recipient's location, and the electronic signature taken by the courier when the last mile delivery is delivered to the customert throughout Indonesia.

SAP Express Go Public
As the Company's commitment to seize opportunities and support the growth of e-Commerce in Indonesia, the Company plan to transform from a private Company into a public Company. The Company's decision to become a listed Company is in line with the corporate governance to cultivate Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence and Fairness in the management of SAP Express.

Through this information, SAP Express opens opportunities for investors to own SAP Express shares. To find out about the SAP Express initial public offering (IPO), you can immediately learn about the Company's PROSPECTUS (please download here).

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