SAP Express is an Android-based courier pioneer in Indonesia. Since operating in 2014, every SAP Express business processes have used an integrated technology system. All of the shipping process can be monitored in real time, safe and on time.

Under the command of Budiyanto Darmastono along with professionals who have decades of experience in their fields, SAP Express is turning into a shipping service Company that independently manages more than 70 branches and networks throughout remote villages in the archipelago.

Trusts from various corporate customers, especially for highrisk documents has become a provision for SAP Express to expand its role, especially the role in advancing digital economy in Indonesia.

SAP through its branch offices and networks to remote villages throughout Indonesia plus Cash on Delivery (COD) services makes the Company to become an important player in this industry. COD service which is often to become a problem for e-commerce players in Indonesia, were successfully delivered by SAP Express.

SAP Express Retail Counter Partner
In every goods that people consume everyday there is a logistical role that cannot be avoided. As long as there is people’s activity, logistics also taking part of it all the time. This is includes the business potential for SAP Express retail counter.

We provide special offers for prospective partners to open retail counters starting at 2 million rupiah with a fee commission profit up to 25%. Prospective partners can also combine SAP Express retail counters with other services / businesses. In order to open the retail office, prospective partners initially have to fill out the form (Prospective Counter Sales Form).

For other partnership information, please contact:

Retail SAP Express
Phone  : 08111 777 226 (Andi)
CS Retail SAP Express
E-mail  :
Phone  : 0811 9911 162 (Whatsapp)