Innovative Figure Behind SAP Glory

Posted on 2018-12-18 15:39:55

Budiyanto Darmastono, is the figure behind the success of PT Satria Antaran Prima or commonly known as SAP Express. Through his cold hands, SAP Express was able to carve out all achievements even though at that time he was still relatively new. In May 2015, SAP, which was only eight months old, got an achievement for the first time from ReBi (Business Record) Indonesia. At that time he won two awards right away.

First, is as the first courier service using Android technology. Second, is as the courier Corporate with the the fastest opening and most branch offices. Then, the next achievement came from Indonesian Franchise Magazine two months later. Through the Franchise Startup Award, SAP Express officially won the Favorite Online Mobile award.

What has been achieved by the Corporate in ten months is certainly inseparable from the role of Budiyanto Darmastono as a President Director, as well as the brain behind many achievement achieved by SAP Express. And, of course, one of its contributions is to bravely carry the Android technology which later became the main exellence of SAP.

"In the beginning of SAP Express, I don't want it just to be a usual courier service business. I want a different courier than the current courier. Finally I learned, looking for a different way, which didn't exist yet. Finally SAP Express was formed which was inspired by a sophisticated system from US, ," he said.

Courier services is a familiar thing to Budiyanto. It is because before establishing SAP Express, he had been in the courier business for 18 years at PT NCS (Nusantara Card Semesta). So it is not surprising that the courier service industry circumstance is very attached to him.

The rise of SAP was believed by Budi due to his Company was different from other courier companies which just using computers. Meanwhile SAP Express became the first Android-based technology in its field. Faster, more accurate, more reliable, and can be tried automatically, he said.

The innovation that he did was inseparable from the fruit of his thoughts when he wanted to undergo the courier business for the second time. For him, being different is a necessity if the courier service does not want to be rated the same as the other courier services.

"For every time I make a business, it must have distinctive charchteristic from the others. If other people don't have it, then we have to break through first," he added.

Therefore he also carries Android technology as the exellence of SAP Express. It could be said at that time, there were no courier service Company using the Android technology. Other competitors were mostly still using computer base services. In fact, he thought that technology advancements in courier services are very important.

These days this is the trends. In Indonesia, there are around 45 million people who hold gadgets, and that continues to increase every year. If not mistaken, we are in the 3rd number in the world as the biggest gadget user and almost all foreign companies enter Indonesia by carrying out e-commerce.