Only with Rp. 3.5 Million Can Be an Entrepreneur

Posted on 2018-12-18 15:57:19

As the online business continues to grow, the society need for courier services has increased in recent years. This can be seen with the increasing number of new courier business service appearance. One of them is SAP Express Courier.

SAP Express is a service Company specializing in the field of courier and cargo under PT SAP (Satria Antaran Prima), which was established on 9th September, 2014 and became one of the pioneers of courier services in Indonesia that uses online systems in all branches and networks throughout Indonesia. Despite still relatively young, SAP Express managers are professionals who have decades of experience in the courier field.

SAP implements an online mobile android system in its business process. With this system, central team can monitor the presence of couriers so that the accuracy of data and the position of goods can be accurately tracked. Currently, SAP has 48 branches and 538 partners throughout Indonesia.

To expand the network, SAP Express offers a business partnership as an agent with only Rp 3.5 million as an investment. With these funds, prospective partners will get 2x1 m business banners, stickers, brochures, counter shirts, stamps, posters, meters and 100 kg scales.

In addition to package / document shipping services, SAP Express agents can serve electricity, credit, ticket, insurance, PDAM, TV cable, and multifinance.

The terms are simple, either through individuals or legal entities (CV / PT / Foundation / Cooperative). For individuals there are administrative requirements that must be fulfilled, such as: Photocopy of ID card, 4x6 printed photos 2 sheets, in addition to paying the selected investment package.

As for legal entities, the administrative requirements are: photocopy of Director's ID card, passport photo of director (4x6) 2 sheets, photocopy of business entity establishment letter (SIUP, SITU, Establishment Act, Minister of Law and Human Rights decree, etc. according to the type of legal entity), have a business space at least 4x6 meters, and are able to pay the investment package.

Dinda Meisye, from the SAP Express Retail Division explained, the estimated net profit earned by retail counter partners touched an average of 30% with a profit sharing system of 5% of net income for the SAP. The next step forward, SAP Express targets to collect counters every 1.5 kilometers in various regions.


First published on (9/18/2015)