SAP Express Courier, a Newcomer who Jumps Directly

Posted on 2018-12-18 15:45:43

This newcomer to the courier service business cannot be underestimated. In their early operation in August, 2014 SAP Express Courier rised to become a courier service player by having 45 main branches. While the sub branches reached 200 spreaded in the municipality.

Its business network is already in 34 provinces and 400 regencies and has 800 couriers across various regions of the archipelago. SAP also has around 50 franchise agents in Jabodetabek. The rapid growth of SAP is not surprising if you see the management standing behind it. They are an experienced people who have been working in well-known courier service companies.

Budiyanto Darmastono, for example, is the President Director of SAP Express. He is the founder & CEO of NCS Courier from 1994-2013. Then there is Dendy Hartono, SAP Express HR General Manager who had worked as Senior Manager of HRD at NCS Courier 2005-2014. There is also Arief Rahadi, SAP Operational Director who had worked at JNE, NCS, and ESL Courier. As a result, SAP's business growth advancing rapidly even though it was only 4 months after it’s establishment. To date the number of the fleets is increasing by having 50 cars.

The ofered services are various. Starting from courier, sea freight (shipping less container load and full container load), air freight / via air, domestic cargo & international express, city distribution courier & out of town, and others. To support various services SAP has a warehouse management that has the functions to handle storage and shipping, as well as supporting customer programs in running a business.

Moreover, SAP also has an application or SAP Application that is connected which is a desktop application (C #, SQL Server 2008 R2), website / including tracing module (PHP / MySQL, jQuery) and android. The three applications are interconnected, so there is data connection and synchronization. So delivered items can be tracked real time online, said Budiyanto Darmastono President Director of SAP Express Courier.

In addition to online real time, Budiyanto said, the added value offered by SAP is that customers can access data via internet about their goods. For corporate customers, they can access data and withdraw reports and bills. Secondly, SAP guarantees that the lost package will be replaced. Third, SAP provides data security for all customers. Fourth, SAP has experienced couriers. Fifth, couriers are equipped with an Android cellphone which is useful to give reports directly to the central server when the goods are arrived.

Budiyanto said, besides being one of the pioneers of courier services in Indonesia that has an online system, SAP is also the only courier that use an Android cellphone at this time. With Android we can monitor the presence of couriers per minute or per second. We can also find out the position of the courier via GPS in Android. So it's really real time. Although it looks easy to emulate, the Android that we have is not arbitrary because there are systems and applications that are connected to the central, he explained.

With the vision of becoming the fastest and most trusted courier Company in the archipelago, Budiyanto aims to open 1000 SAP franchise agents in 2015. Therefore, he recruits and retains the best workers in their fields. All couriers are permanent employee, no one is freelance or outsourcing. Because they are an assets and the spearhead of the Company, he said. To achieve its target, SAP continues to boost its business growth.

One of them is by offering a franchise opportunity to become SAP agent. To become SAP counter agent, SAP sets a very affordable investment. That is only IDR 2 million with a distribution for agents of 25%. Budiyanto explained, with that investment, the agen will receive training and certificates, administrative equipment, banners, listplugs, scales, uniforms, fragile labels, standard stamps, SAP Express rates.

In the future, Budiyanto will work with various companies to complete their services. Such as electricity tokens, paying credit, airplane tickets, train tickets, and other payments we be realesed in 2015. We are trying to process all of that now, he said with enthusiasm and optimism.