SAP Express Courier Expand Branch Offices

Posted on 2018-12-18 15:52:38

JAKARTA - SAP Express Courier plans to expand its business by adding branch offices and launching an Android-based courier service application.

SAP Express General Manager of Marketing, Retail & E-commerce Courier Muhamad Azhary said in 2016 SAP Express will prioritize to open new branch offices in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

"For 2016 expansion we want to open new branch offices in Sumatra and Kalimantan," Muhammaz Azhary told Bisnis on Thursday (1/14/2016).

The plan is SAP Express Courier will open 150 branch offices in the two islands. The cost of building a branch office and providing human resources requires funds of Rp100 to Rp150 million.

Later, we will submit additional courier policies at each branch office, he added. Not only improving the strategy, Azhary said SAP Express Courier launched an Android-based express service delivery application real soon.

Therefore, the agenda for SAP Express Courier's business expansion is to improve information and technolgy equipment in their business. He did not refuse the business model carried out by Go-Box and Grab Express as one of SAP Express Courier's references to increase its competitiveness. We want to accommodate this express service through android from retail market.

During 2016, SAP Express will also continue to increase the quality of e-commerce services. According to Muhammad Azhary, the e-commerce business that was handled by SAP Express has been the backbone of the courier service business.

Contacted separately, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Express, Post and Logistics Services Company Association (Asperindo) Budi Paryanta welcomed SAP Express plan.

"We welcome the plans, especially the plan to open a branch office in the region because the key to successful service is the synergy between central and regional levels," Budi explained.

According to Budi, the design is in line with Asperindo's mission which also intends to develop offices in various regions. (15/1/2016)