SAP Express Optimist Can Grow Above 30%

Posted on 2018-12-18 15:19:54

The growth of the ecommerce business in Indonesia and the stretch of the regional economy seem to whip up the managers of PT Satria Antaran Prima (SAP Express), which is engaged in delivering packages and documents to boost growth. This national Company continues to expand its network, strengthen the team and develop infrastructure to serve the needs of the growing ecommerce sector in Indonesia. To date, SAP Express targeting e-commerce sector as one main sector besides the banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive and telecommunications industries.

"We believe, even though the number of SAP Express customers from ecommerce companies is already very large, the growth of the ecommerce business in five years will still be rapid, above 30% per year. Indonesian consumers prefer simplicity and convenience in shopping so online shopping will become a new lifestyle trends that keep growing," said Budiyanto Darmastono, President Director of SAP Express.


Budiyanto was very excited about developing SAP Express, especially in serving the ecommerce sector, because his Company was quite intensive in the labor. Evidently, although only three years old, SAP Express has been able to absorb 2,100 couriers spread throughout its operational offices in Indonesia.

Budiyanto was motivated by Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba Group, where the business involving more than 500,000 couriers in China. "An expression of gratitude that SAP Express can develop very well over the past three years, this is definitely because of the trust of our customers, both from corporate or retail customers. On the other hand we are also happy that this Company can become a field of work for thousands of our couriers, "Budiyanto shows his optimism that his business can grow more than 30% in this year.


Budiyanto continued, one of the lines in SAP Express that was developed is transportation and technology. For technology aspect, it strengthens both technology in service and back end. Including technology for trace, tracking and handling delivered packages. SAP Express is a package delivery Company pioneering handset usage and android applications for more than 2,100 courier and customer fleets to facilitate work mobility and package tracking.

Since the beginning, all SAP Express branches and service points have also been connected and integrated in an online system to facilitate the work process. In terms of document and package management, SAP Express implements strict service quality controls, therefore all branch operations are now deliberately managed by SAP Express - not by agents - to facilitate the implementation of standards and controls.

One of the supported solutions by SAP Express to the ecommerce sector is the payment aspect which has been the biggest challenge. It is common that there are still many segments in Indonesian society who don't believe in buying online because they are afraid that their ordered goods will not be sent after they transferred the money. SAP Express bridging this problem by providing shipping services that can be paid on the spot (cash on delivery or COD) so that consumers have their trust to e-commerce companies. "The world of e-commerce needs COD service support from delivery companies like us. The investment is quite expensive, only one or two independent shipping companies are able to provide COD services," Budiyanto said.


"We want to work together with ecommerce and develop the ecommerce market in Indonesia together. Therefore we are seriously investing in developing branches to all corners of the sub-districts in Indonesia, investing in hundreds of car fleets and technology, so that our customers from ecommerce companies can focus more on the work of branding and marketing the products they sell," continued Budiyanto while explaining the range of SAP Express services to all parts of the sub-district in Indonesia.

Budiyanto's statement was reasonable. The passion of consumers in Indonesia towards the trend of online shopping is also reflected in the rise of e-commerce companies, both online shop and market place based on various business scales, including the emergence of big players like Blibli, Blanja, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Bukalapak , Alfacart, MatahariMall, Alibaba, Tokopedia, and JD.ID, which are generally welcomed by consumers. International Data Corporation (IDC) research data shows that in 2016 ecommerce transactions in Indonesia have reached US4 651.7 million (around Rp. 8.7 trillion) and are expected to continue to rise as the national economy develops and trends in lifestyle changes online. In IDC calculations, the ecommerce market in Indonesia in 2020 will be able to reach US $ 1.8 billion or more than Rp 20 trillion.


SAP Express was founded by Budiyanto in 2013. Previously, this man who graduated from the Faculty of Economics UGM has a very well experience in the world of courier and logistics business and had raised NCS Express. The combination of fast penetration strategies, expansion of coverage to the sub-district level, and the seriousness of technology investments make SAP Express growing fast above the industry average. He developed SAP Express by positioning it as an independent courier Company so that it can get in to all industries and not afraid of compete with inhouse courier companies which are now largely founded by e-commerce companies. "Our presence is actually a synergy and completing their shortcomings," concluded Budianto.  


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