SAP Express Optimists for The Growing Courier Service, The Company is Targeting Rp 250 Billion Revenue

Posted on 2018-12-18 17:30:47

Jakarta, PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk (SAPX) targets the growth in revenue and net profit by 50% this year. This growth was driven by the contribution of B2C business (business to consumer) which contributed 70% to the Company's revenue.

President Director of Satria Antaran Prima, Budiyanto Darmastono said that the growth of e-commerce business in Indonesia is very fast so that there is the need for logistics services, this condition is considered to give benefit for the Company.

"The increase is quite high, around 50%, compared to last year," Budiyanto said at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/10).

He targets revenue this year to increase to Rp 250 billion compared to last year.

In addition, to improve its performance this year the Company has also increased the number of branch offices which currently has 72 branches. The target, until the end of the year we will adds around 3-4 more branches.

The addition of branch offices is intended to make the Company has the distribution of delivery services throughout Indonesia. Currently the Company has been operating in several major cities in Indonesia and small municipalitie, the target is to expand more to the district area.

Responding to the competition in the domestic logistics services business at this time, Budiyanto assessed that the competition in this business is not too tight consider the number of segments that can be targeted. Therefore the segment targeted by the Company in the banking and e-commerce segment is considered still have a room to grow. (hps)