SAP Express’s way to Boosts Online Shop Business in Indonesia

Posted on 2018-12-18 17:06:32

Bogor, 15th April, 2018. The development of E-commerce is closely related to the shipping service industry. Integration and synergy are the keys to the development of digital businesses that are increasingly growing.

SAP Express and online businesses is like two side of eyes which is inseparable. Support each other for the development of digital economy in Indonesia.

As one of the country with most of population in the world, Indonesia is predicted to become the largest economic digital country in thr Southeast Asia by 2020.

The Indonesian government also targets that USD 10 billion business valuation can be achieved from digital business by 2020. A total of 1000 new digital businesses are expected to rise until 2020.

“This time meeting with business people is part of our efforts towards becoming the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia in 2020,” said Rian Joharianto, SAP Express Head of Marketing Communication & Retail Business.

As a pioneer of android couriers in Indonesia, SAP Express, which has been established since 2013, continues to push the strength of its networks, technology and HR for excellent service for online shop players who continue to grow every year.

One of the support solutions that SAP Express provides for online shop businesses is the easiness to reach SAP Express network in various central regions in Indonesia. More than 50 branches and SAP Express service points are connected and integrated in an online system to facilitate the work process.

In terms of document and package management, SAP Express implements strict service quality control therefore all branches operations are deliberately managed by SAP Express - not by agents - to simplify the implementation of standards and controls.

Since it was first established, SAP Express has been technology literate. It is proven by the android-based application embedded in each service carried by the couriers in the process of sending goods to all customers to remote villages in the archipelago. Therefore work mobility and tracking are more productive and transparent.

More than 2,500 reliable and professional human resources in their fields support the SAP Express business process. This includes bridging the challenging COD process and not many shipping service companies that want to get into this crucial domain.


SAP Express at a Glance

SAP Express was founded by Budiyanto in 2013. Previously, this man who graduated from the Faculty of Economics UGM has very well experience in the courier and logistics business sector and he had raised NCS Express. The combination of fast penetration strategies, expansion of coverage to the sub-district level, and the seriousness of technology investments make SAP Express grow further above the industry average. He developed SAP Express by positioning it as an independent courier Company so that it can enter in all industries and not afraid of competing with inhouse courier companies which are now largely founded by e-commerce companies.