SAP Initial Stock Trading Becomes Top Gainers

Posted on 2018-12-18 17:37:08

JAKARTA - PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk. posted the sharpest increase in stock prices in its first trade in the Indonesia Stock Exchange today, Wednesday (03/10/2018).

When traded on the first day, shares of the issuer with SAPX stock code increased 49.6% to the level of Rp 374 per share.

Satria Antaran Prima conducted an initial public offering by releasing 433,333,300 shares or 52% from the Company's issued and fully paid capital after the IPO. Acting as Company’s securities underwriter is RHB Sekuritas Indonesia. 

With an offering price of Rp250, the Company received funds of Rp108.3 billion. Satria Antara Prima is a recent player in the courier industry, which in the middle of this year was only 4 years old.

Following the SAPX shares is the share of PT Natura City Developments Tbk. (CITY) which closed surged 24.68% or 78 points to Rp394 per share.

Meanwhile, the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) closed down 0.13% or 7.88 points to 5,867.74. In fact, the index had rebounded to level of 5921 after opening in the red zone with a slight drop of 0.02% at 5,874.49.

Throughout today's trade, the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) moved at the level of 5,848.16 - 5,921.57. As for the trade on Tuesday (2/10), the IHSG ended down in the level of 1.16% at 5,875.62.

From 603 shares traded on the IHSG today, 201 stocks strengthened, 179 shares weakened, and 223 other stocks stagnated.

Four of the nine sectoral index of IHSG is closed lower, with the main pressure from the consumer sector falling 0.85, while the financial sector strenghtened 0.17% and led five other stocks that held back the weaker IHSG.