Satria Antaran Prima (SAPX) Shipments Increase during Ramadhan

Posted on 2019-07-22 22:11:35

May 13, 2019, JAKARTA – Logistic issuer, PT Satria Antaran Prima Tbk. shipments volume has increased during Ramadan period to the Eid Al-Fitr.

President Director of Satria Antaran Prima, Budiyanto Darmastono said that in the beginning of Ramadhan, the shipments volume carried out by SAPX coded issuer had increased by 30%.

“Most products that had been increased are in the e-commerce sector, for the general product is still the same, there is no change,” he said to, Saturday (12/5/2019).

He said that the company set the shipping volume increase in the range of 30%.

According to him, in addition for the shipping to the eastern area in Indonesia, the human resources in the company are not sufficient to handle more shipments.

To increased company’s shipments during Ramadhan, Company has to add 10 more units during this period.

“The shipments off is only on the Eid Al-Fitr, but we already have the backup, we’ve prepared an extra worker, therefore during Eid Al-Fitr there are more additional courier,” he said.

Budiyanto said that the shipment during this Ramadhan and Eid Al-Fitr in this year is increased significantly compared to last year.

Until today, the company has been cooperated with 120 ecommerce services for their Cash on Delivery (COD) shipments method or paying on the spot, when in the previous year we only worked with 20 ecommerce.

“Due to our area is in the COD and there are not so many competitor is in the COD sector, so as long as there is new e-commerce enter in the COD sector, that is exactly us what are they looking for,” he said.

In this year, the company plan to expand the shipments area, Budiyanto said that the company has prepared to do the shipping expansion to the potential district in the eastern Indonesia.

SAPX will open 10 office branches in Maluku and Jayapura which will be ready by the end of this year.

“The competitors are not ready to serve the eastern area,” he said.

To the first quarter of 2019, SAPX had received revenue of Rp84,05 billion, an increased of 74,41% compared to the last year Rp48,21 billion. During that period, SAPX successfully record a net profit of Rp4,25 billion and the previous loss of Rp1,97 billion.