The Advantages of SAP Express You Need to Know

Posted on 2018-12-18 15:32:59

SAP Express is a service Company specializing in the field of courier and cargo, and is one of the pioneers of courier services in Indonesia that uses the online system throughout Indonesia, managed by professionals in their fields for decades.


  • We provide special facilities for corporate customers, in the form of a user id and login password, which can be accessed by both single users and multi-users (as needed). In addition to knowing the full shipment status, this option can be integrated with the information system
  • We supply the couriers with Android-based smart phones. As an innovation, the use of Android platform as a tool for the information speed and accuracy on shipment status updates after delivery, so the status of shipments will be known in realtime
  • We prepare very experienced team in their field. Customization service can be analyzed and discussed together, in order to the expectations and desires of each customer can be achieved
  • We are continuously developing our network starting from branch offices in provincial cities and sub branch offices throughout Indonesia, in order to maximaze the delvery to all of destinasions in Indonesia