The Right and Safe Way to Send Packages

Posted on 2019-10-09 02:42:11

For friends who like to send goods out of town, Satria wants to share tips on how to send the correct and safe package to its destination. Check out the following tips..


Goods Packing Correctly

The goods that you want to send must be packaged correctly, my friend, so that the contents of the goods will not be damaged or may be scattered. You can put your things in a bag or cardboard and then close tightly. If the goods sent are valuable and easily damaged items such as your cellphone, you can also use bubble wrap or wooden packing to make it safer.


Write Address Clearly and Completely

Friends must write the destination address clearly and completely yes. Details that need to be included are usually as follows:

  • Recipient's name
  • Street name and number, rt/rw, village/kelurahan, district/kecamatan, regency/kabupaten, province, postal pode.
  • Recipient's handphone number

Likewise on the back, don't forget to write your name, full address and friend's cellphone number. This makes it easy for the courier to find the destination address. So your package can arrive faster and safely to your destination.


Include Insurance If Needed

If you have a plan to send goods with a large nominal price, you should include insurance. So if there is damage or loss, friends will not lose because it will be replaced.


Save Receipt Until The Goods Arrive

Usually after sending goods, a friend will get a receipt in which there is an airway bill number. This receipt is saved first, because you can use the number to track your shipment. So friends can continue to monitor your goods have arrived or not to the recipient. Now that's some tips from Satria for you who want to send a package. Don't forget to apply it, friend. Because in addition to facilitating the courier, your package can also arrive safely.